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Small updates are free

What do cost me small updates (e.g., from version 5.21 on 5.57) and how do I get them?
Small updates within a main version number (e.g. 5.x) are free for users of the full version. You can download your updates from our customers download area*. As a licensed user you get new features within the big version number for free.

Example: You have purchased ActiveBarcode 5.21 Standard. You can download all future 5.x Standard version updates free of charge, e.g. version 5.55 Standard. Beginning with version 6.0 you must pay for an update.

* If you purchased via MyCommerce Share-It, please contact us by Email to get your free update.


How is ActiveBarcode delivered? Electronically or by mail?
It's delivered electronically.

Delivery time

How are your delivery times?
Generally we deliver on workdays within 24 hours. Depending on your payment method it also may take longer.


Which payment conditions do you offer?
We work with MyCommerce Share-It. They offer different payment options for every country, e.g. credit card.


I have purchased the Standard Edition and would like to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition. Is that possible? What does it cost?
Yes, it's no problem. Please read our instructions at Software upgrade.

Return policy

Can I return the purchased full version within a certain time period, e.g. because the software does not fit my needs?
No. We provide a free 30 days trial version of ActiveBarcode to prospective customers. You can download this free of charge and without obligations from our download area. This test version is not limited in any functions. Only one text tip is shown inside the barcode. The barcodes still are scan and testable. The trial version works like the Enterprise edition. You can test all features of ActiveBarcode.

We encourage you to evaluate our product prior to purchase in order to determine whether the product are suitable for your needs.

Because we offer an evaluation license as described above, we do not accept the return from licenses or software products.


Do you have a distributor in...?
We're sorry not. You only can purchase our barcode software directly from us or MyCommerce Share-It.


Is there a printed manual available?
There is no printed manual available. All documentation is online at our homepage. You can download printable PDF files from our download area or you can view and print single pages from our website in a print preview. Have a look for the print preview at the bottom of the page.

License by new installation

Licenses of some software products often are bound to a PC and then it can come to problems when a new installation may be required. How is that with ActiveBarcode?
You do not have such problems with our software. The licenses are not bound to a PC. Our software must be also NOT be activated on the Internet or by phone.

Local shops

Can I purchase ActiveBarcode at my local shop?
The software ActiveBarcode is not available in local shops. ActiveBarcode is only available directly from us or MyCommerce Share-It.

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