License FAQ


Temporal limitation?Link

Does a temporal limitation for the use of ActiveBarcode exist? Does the license need to be renewed any time?
No, the use of the software is not delimited in time.

New lic fileLink

IF there is a new version and with it a new LIC-file available: What does this mean for the programs I have compiled since then with the older LIC-file?
ActiveBarcode is fully backward compatible - this means that your older programs (exe-files) that you have compiled with an older LIC-file will run without problems together with the new ActiveBarcode control. You do not need to recompile them. But if you want to use the new ActiveBarcode version for development or if you have used ActiveBarcode together with the LIC-file (for example for Access97 applications), you will need to update to the new LIC-file because the old license does not allow you to run the new version in this way.


I have purchased the Standard Edition and would like to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition. Is that possible? What does it cost?
Yes, it's no problem. Please read our instructions at Software upgrade.


I use ActiveBarcode in my application created with ProvideX and would like to distribute this. Which license is the right one for me?
ProvideX offers you both possibilities. You can use an user's license on every PC or you can use a developer license (Enterprise edition).

If you like to work with user's licenses, e.g. if you sell your product only once, you do not need to adapt your application for the license.

If you use the developer license, you must customize your program so that you integrate the license into the product. Other compilers make this automatic (Visual BASIC, etc.). With ProvideX must carry out this once even by hand. Moreover you find a description on manufacturer's page:

Visual Basic, Delphi and other development envinronmentsLink

I want to develope an application with the control. What license do I need?
As developer you need a "developer license". So you need at least the Enterprise Edition.

You can distribute the your EXE program file without other royalties. You deliver your software (file EXE) and our control (activebarcode.ocx) without license file to your customers.
IMPORTANT: You may not distribute the license file (*.lic)!